Mother Bee was founded in 2015 by Cheryl McWilliams.  Appropriately named after her Mother, who left her a secret family recipe made with beeswax that would go on to become Soothe & Protect.  This unique formula was only made public after the encouragement of a local Vet, Eric Smith, discovered the healing properties of the cream and he encouraged Cheryl to take it to market.  O’Reilly & Fee Vets became her first customer and soon many stores and vets also started to stock the product.  Soothe & Protect has been traced back to Cheryl’s Great Grandfather Thomas Wright, Co Tyrone.  It now has a multitude of uses and still is the flagship product now also accompanied by a range of products.

We pride ourselves in how effectively our products work, and nothing goes into the range until it’s proven that it does exactly what it’s meant to!

Mother Bee manufacturers all their own products on site at Priory Cottages in Benburb, we only use sustainable ingredients.  The historic grounds of The Servite Priory & Benburb Castle gives a fantastic setting to the hive and keeps us in touch with nature.


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