Mother Bee was founded in 2014 by Cheryl McWilliams.  Named after her Mother, who left her the secret family recipe.  This original recipe made with beeswax, natural & essential oils consequently would go on to become Soothe & Protect.  It has been traced back to Cheryl’s Great Grandfather Thomas Wright, Co Tyrone.  It now has a multitude of uses and still is the flagship product within our range.

Unique Find

This unique formula was only launched publicly after the encouragement of local Vet, Eric Smith.  Eric discovered the healing properties of the cream and encouraged Cheryl to take it to market.  O’Reilly & Fee Vets became our first customer, soon many stores and vets followed.


Here at Mother Bee we pride ourselves in how effectively the products work, and nothing goes to market until it’s proven to do exactly what it’s made for!  The range is constantly evolving with new products being added regularly.

All our products are manufactured on site at Priory Cottages in Benburb, using sustainable natural ingredients.  In addition to this we are lucky enough to have on our doorstep the historic grounds of The Servite Priory & Benburb Castle.  This gives a fantastic setting to the hive and keeps us in touch with nature.

Sweet Relief

One of the most distinct and exciting products to develop in the Mother Bee range is Sweet Relief. Building on the original recipe the product has developed to offer, both the healing and soothing qualities of Soothe & Protect, but also fly repellent qualities via Organic Neem Oil. Sweet Relief is proving to be a saviour product for a number of our customers.


We love receiving feedback from our customers, reading about, and seeing the difference our products have made to them and their animals. You only need look at some of the before and after photos to see the transformations they have experienced. You can see read a number of the customer testimonials we have received here.


One thought on “About Us

  1. Elaine Gordon says:

    I run a microbiology lab and have to wash my hands every time I enter and exit the lab. Having horses too, my hands get very dry and cracked all throughout the year. I now use yard hands every night at bedtime – the difference in my hands is amazing.
    Soothe and protect is also an essential across at my stables – scrapes,cuts, bruises – it works to sooth and heal in record time.
    Thanks for your wonderful products.

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