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Hoof care is so much easier in summer than in winter. Hooves and legs are generally drier and cleaner and more daylight hours and riding mean regular contact and care.

But winter brings its own woes for hoofcare. Whilst the daily chores of picking out and checking for any problems should be continued, along with regular farrier care what can you do to help your horse’s hoof condition this winter?

As the temperature drops so does the circulation in the horses hoof, this coupled with less nutritional value of grazing can slow down horn growth, so if you desire to have better quality, more consistent hoof growth a nutritional supplement can help some horses. Whether shoeless or shod, regular care from a farrier will keep the hoof better balanced and less susceptible to cracks, chips and splits. From the outside damp, cold, muddy conditions can compromise the hoof wall, leading to a less than optimal situation for the hoof. Topical applications that provide a barrier to the damp can work wonders in keeping the hoof more evenly balanced but they must be applied to clean, dry hooves for best results. A regular application will keep feet in a more stabilised environment and therefore a better situation for a sounder horse. Likewise a horse that is stabled for long periods in winter will have different issues. The bed must be kept clean and as dry as possible to avoid conditions such as thrush, which is also possible for the field kept horse to develop. Thrush infections develop in excessively wet conditions as bacteria like damp, warm environments, such as up the sides of the frog, so applying an antibacterial product around the frog will aid in keeping thrush away.

Natural products are alway better to use on the hoof so something like our very own Beewax Hoof Balm, made from only the finest natural ingredients, perfect for adding a glossy appearance to the hoof wall whilst protecting and conditioning the hoof at the same time.

Our exclusive mix of Beeswax, Tea Tree and Eucalyptus complement and support the natural oils in the hoof to help it stay conditioned and avoid any brittleness. When applied to the coronary band it
will encourage growth, whilst the natural antiseptic qualities protect the heel and sole, especially in conditions less favourable to the hoof construction such as wet, hard or dry ground.

Our Hoof Balm is the only application needed to keep your horse’s feet in tip top condition year round, both inside and out. It is easily applied with a stiff brush, it is firm to the touch and has a long shelf, cost effective and easy to use – perfect for winter hoof care!

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Available in two sizes – 150ml and 250ml tins.

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