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Mother Bee’s revolutionary Soothe & Protect has re-written animal care. This ‘Fix all’ tub will soothe any sore or irritation on any animal. Available in 60ml, 100ml, 250ml & 500ml Tins


Hand Rescue has barrier properties & healing oils are ideal for this time of year to protect the hands from the cold & all types of weather. Available in 30g and 90g tins


Mother Bee’s Sweet Relief is made from an exclusive recipe of carefully selected natural ingredients to soothe & deal with irritated skin on animals. Available in 60ml, 100ml, 250ml & 500ml tins


Mother Bee Hoof Balm is incredibly protective adding a waxed glossy barrier onto the hoof wall. With eucalyptus & Tea Tree oils it can be used on the sole and frog of the foot to protect against damp conditions.


Mother Bee Leather Balm is a luxurious conditioner for all types of leather, from sofas, bags and boots to saddles & bridles, it feeds and gives leather a new lease of life. Available in 150ml & 250ml Tins


Mother Bee’s Newest Product, for sores and problems created by winter weather. Mud Relief, ticks all the boxes.


Mother Bee’s NEW Bit Butter, the only way to prevent rubs on the corners of your horses mouth. Available in both original Soothing and Peppermint flavours


UDDER RELIEF is designed for farmers, to relieve their cows chapped sore teats. A quick alternative to many products on the market this udder cream works in hours and a little goes a long way.


Our new Paw and Nose Balm moisturises and soothes the paws and noses on our dogs. Made with a blend of natural oils, including Lavender and beeswax, it helps take the dryness and rough skin away especially in older dogs.