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Gift Hamper Winter Skincare £25

£ 24.99

Ideal gift for yourself, friend or relative.  Look after your skin this winter with a little luxury.

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Ideal gift for yourself, friend or relative.  Everything you need to spoil your skin with a little luxury.   Great for people out in all weathers, or just because you want to pamper someone.

An ideal gift idea for a birthday or Christmas.

The hamper contains 1 Small Hand Rescue, 1 Lotion Bar and 30ml Super Balm.  It comes boxed and gift wrapped.

Breathe Easy 30ml, our very own Natural Decongestant rub.  Effective for blocked sinuses and chests and just general stuffiness to help treat symptoms of the cold.  Can be used as a rub over the chest and back or around the nose.  This small but potent tub is something we all need in our winter survival kit, for all the family.

Mother Bee’s Mini Hand Rescue (30g) is a revolutionary product for hand working hands. Our exclusive recipe of Beeswax and natural oils provides much needed nutrients to dry, sore and work tired hands. Sealing in much needed moisture with a protective barrier and keeping out the damp and cold.

Super Balm 30ml, our revolutionary Soothe & Protect, ‘fix all’ in a tub is now available for you.  This luxuriously soothing beeswax balm will soothe any cut, sore or abrasion – perfect for stings, bites, burns, scratches, cuts and scrapes.  Our exclusive recipe of Beeswax, and natural oils including Jojoba, provides a protective barrier whilst allowing the skin to breathe and regenerate.The natural antibacterial properties have benefited a multitude of skin issues whilst soothing inflamed and sore skin. With 100% natural ingredients Super Balm is perfect for all skin types and an essential of your first aid kit.

Treat yourself or get the perfect gift for a friend.


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