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Luxury Hamper Superior

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Ideal gift for yourself, friend or relative.  Everything you need to spoil your horse and you, with a little luxury. Ideal for pampering your skin, delicately scented.

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Ideal gift for yourself, friend or relative, who loves their animals/ horses but deserves a little luxury too!  Everything you need to spoil your Skin and your animals with a little luxury.   Great for people out in all weathers, or just because you want to pamper someone.

It’s a lovely Birthday or Christmas Present. Treat yourself or a friend. 

The gift pack contains a Large Yard Hand, a Lotion Bar, a Hoof Balm, Leather Balm and Soothe & Protect.

Mother Bee’s Large Yard Hand (90g) is a revolutionary product for hand working hands. Our exclusive recipe of Beeswax and natural oils provides much needed nutrients to dry, sore and work tired hands. Sealing in much needed moisture with a protective barrier and keeping out the damp and cold.

Mother Bee’s Lotion Bar (90g) is ideal for anyone who’s skin suffers dry spells, it’s protective and nourishing and a unique & easy way to moisturise your body. This little bar can travel anywhere as it’s solid.

250ml Soothe & Protect, Mother Bee’s revolutionary Soothe & Protect has re-written animal care. This ‘Fix all’ in a tub will soothe sores or abrasion on any animal. Our exclusive recipe of Beeswax, Vitamin A, B & E, Lavender, Tea Tree and Camphor not only repairs the skin, it provides a protective barrier whilst allowing the skin to breathe and regenerate.

The natural antibacterial properties have benefited horses with severe mud issues, skin irritations, rubs, cuts and abrasions whilst soothing inflamed and sore skin. With 100% natural ingredients Soothe & Protect is perfect for any animal and an essential of your first aid kit.

The Mother Bee Hoof Balm is made from only the finest natural ingredients, perfect for adding a glossy appearance to the hoof wall whilst protecting and conditioning the hoof itself.

Our exclusive mix of Beeswax, Tea Tree and Eucalyptus complement and support the natural oils in the hoof to help it stay conditioned and avoid any brittleness.

When applied to the coronary band it will encourage growth, whilst the natural antiseptic qualities protect the heel and sole, especially in conditions less favourable to the hoof construction such as wet, hard or dry ground.

Hoof Balm is the only application needed to keep your horse’s feet in tip top condition, both inside and out. Applied with a stiff brush, it is firm to the touch and has a very long shelf and use life making it both cost effective and easy to use.

250ml Leather Balm, Mother Bee Leather Balm is a luxurious conditioner for all your leather items.

From your beloved tack to your comfy sofa our exclusive mix of Beeswax and natural oils feed and conditions the leather as nature intended, adding shine and suppleness as well as extending your leather products life cycle.

Unscented, only that of the Beeswax, makes this product a must have for any tack room, horsebox or household where leather boots, bags and sofas need a new lease of life.

Firm to the touch, a generous application to old, tired leather can be buffed to a shine, rejuvenating products to near new again. A little goes a long way.

Gift wrapped, this is the perfect gift for you or a friend.

Please specify at time of payment which Lotion bar would like otherwise they will be selected at random.

Weight1.75 kg

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