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Yard Hand

I got yard hand and absolutely adored it. One of the best products I’ve ever used. Convenient and doesn’t rub off easily.


Yard Hand

Just to let you know that my sisters love the Yard Hand …It’s brilliant. ..feels and smells gorgeous and leaves a great protective barrier on the skin…

Deirdre McCreanor

Lip Balm

“I got the peppermint lip balm, I’m constantly chewing my top lip and usually use the body shop e vitamin lip balm which does the job Well. Obviously the kiddies loved anything new and the importance of being asked what they thought, it’s not too waxy so doesn’t feel like lips might stick together if you put on a decent amount. I’d actually say not only was it stopping my lips from being dried and cracked all the time but it’s conditioning too as the more I used it the more the skin above my lips stopped being dry and red and calmed right down! The real test I think was when we all had the vomiting bug here….the kiddies lips were peeling and cracks and my son even had such dry lips there was a little split with blood….in 1 day after non stop slathering of the peppermint healing balm all that literally went and overnight he was back with normal lips. I would definitely change from the product I had been using to this lip balm. We would have love anything as natural as possible as would all have sensitive skin.”


Soothe & Protect

After my horse getting a kick and having an open cut i covered it in the natural popular brand i used to use until to my horror noticed that the cream had actually burnt him causing a bigger more painful injury site..he lost hair and was left scabbed and red and sore.
My friend recommended i try Mother Bee soothe and protect which i did and wow!! This stuff is really magic in a tub the skin recovered the hair grew back and i could see it healing within days.
Now i won’t use anything else and cannot recommended this product enough 🙂

Lynsey Harvey

Yard Hand

Amazing product with amazing quick relief from sore cracked hands. A must have for the winter months!

Sarah Geddis

Soothe & Protect

My horse had a very nasty injury to his face – needed 3 stitches and had a lot of swelling – I applied Mother Bee Sooth and Protect to it daily within a short space of time he has made a full scar free recovery – hair has grown back word perfect without a white hair in sight! This is a 5 star+++ product and I just can’t recommend it enough?

 Susan Scott

Yard Hand

I’m delighted with the yard hand, it smells nice, feels lovely a little heavier than your normal moisturiser but it’s a barrier as well so I would expect that seems to be doing a brilliant job!
The husband also keeps taking it so it must appeal to him also! He doesn’t normally take my stuff. By the way…

Claire Cleary

A God Send

I received a pony into my yard with very bad Sweet Itch and cuts from rubbing his face. I used Mother Bee anti Itch for Sweet Itch and Soothes and Protect. They worked wonders. All is healed and a fly sheet on.
I won the competition for the moisturiser cream for my self can not wait to use it as has just arrived today. shall be ordering more of the Soothes and Protect cream shortly as nearly running out. Well done Mother Bee

Mrs Siobhan Holloway

Amazing Products & service

I have bought a no of products..and all are amazing. I permanently have the small yard hand and lip balm in my bag.. I bought two lotion bars last time and one has gone to my sister who has little baby with dry skin and it is working wonders.. and as for the soothe and protect it is wonderful ..gets used on everything in the yard.. the service is amazing..even got jellies in my package..way to a girls heart?? thank you so much and will be Def purchasing again soon..

Louise McAuley

Sweet Relief

Great product used on my pony for sweet itch. Soothed her skin

Louise Early

Sweet Relief – For both pony & Owner!

Sweet Relief has been absolutely fantastic for my Pony with Sweet Itch. It is not very expensive which is always a plus. It is quick and easy to apply. Only need to use it 3/4 times a week. Last for ages. No offensive smell. I nearly had my own hair pulled out trying to find a solution before I stumbled on Sweet Relief. Recommend it 100% . Can order it on line and have it the next day. Great service. That’s my experience. Thank you Mother Bee.

Ursula Fitzpatrick

Mud Rash

My horse has suffered from mud rash (fever) for many years. I have over this time tried many and varied treatments all of which have not made the slightest difference. Sooth and Protect was recommended and I sent for a tub which arrived in two days (excellent service). I treated the areas heels and legs and the next day the scabs had softened, the following day 70% of the scabs have gone. Absolutely remarkable a product that actually works well done you.

Rosie Lowen

Yard Hand

After spending all day giving the house a deep clean, my hands were raw and sore with using so many cleaning products. I applied the yard hand before going to bed and woke up with new youthful hands. A great healing and soothing product. Always have one in my handbag and one on my desk.

Pauline Maxwell

Yard Hand 5*

The ‘Yard Hand’ is excellent for hacks on hands. Helps ease the pain. Fantastic product.

Joanna McGlaughlin

What a relief……..Sweet Relief!!

My 2 year old Connie X started showing sweet itch symptoms after a reaction to an injection. Of course, the itch, scratch, itch cycle kicked in, summer was upon us an hey presto, baby (show!) horse with no mane! She became really sensitive to the flies (previously would stand covered in bugs without even a swish of her tail!!) and then the tail rubbing began! So I invested in a Boett blanket. She was still really uncomfortable due to the damage already done, so I bought some Sweet Relief. I have been delighted with the results. Within a couple of days I had a much happier horse, her mane is beginning to grow back, there is no frantic rubbing of her backside. Her skin is soft and it has that smell that tells you it’s doing some good! (I mean that in a good way, I love the smell!) I will continue to use Sweet Relief and would highly recommend it.

Lindie Pickup

Sweet Relief!!

My Frisian mare has sweet itch every Summer.
Her beautiful long mane would be half gone if I was one day too late with a blanket in Spring.
The poor girl needed a blanket from April until November and still the mild Winter would give us problems. I tried every product I could find here in the Netherlands.
Bought my first tub of Sweet Itch 2 years ago while on holiday in Ireland. I just ordered my second tub .
Great value and really the only thing that works.
( Can I become your stockist for the Netherlands?!)

Marielouise Joziasse

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