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Hi Everyone, welcome to a very overdue welcome to Mother Bee. I thought before I got into the heavy stuff I’d introduce myself to you, and where the idea for Mother Bee came from.

Starting with me, Cheryl McWilliams, some do call me Mother Bee! I’m 39 years old and have a over 20 years experience in sales in different industries. My last role was with a horse feed company, which really gave me the springboard to launch Mother Bee. We have 3 horses, 4 dogs, 2 cats and I play rugby in my downtime.

Mother Bee

Mother Bee was NEVER on the radar, it wasn’t something I had planned to do. After being passed an old family remedy in 2014, an accident prone horse gave us the opportunity to impress our vet with the rapid healing time of the product. From there I was encouraged to take the product to market. Our Vet was our first customer and the rest is history. We brought Soothe & Protect to market in 2014 and I went full time with the Company in 2015.  Our company’s name is after my mother and the fact it was beeswax based.

Since then we have helped some really unfortunate animals heal and get them back to full health. An ever expanding range, primarily made from beeswax and natural oils. Nothing goes to market unless its been vigorously tested. The reputation of each product adds to the range and people know that Mother Bee products are a sign of quality. We also are proud to say we offer a money back guarantee on our products if it doesn’t work on what it was bought for. We work closely with vets and have been able to offer solutions for Mud Fever, Rain Scald, Wounds, Dermatitis, Sweet Itch, Hot Spot, Mallendars, Greasy heel, Cracked Heels, Thrush, Dermatitis on dogs and may more issues.

Our skincare range has been something developed based on my own skin and being outdoors so much.

The Yard hand is a must for all in cold and damp conditions, its great for hacks and general dryness. Our Lip balms are loved as they last so long and are protective without being too heavy. Our lotion bars are luxury, remaining light on the skin and so protective, they have been such a relief for my skin, where a normal water based moisturiser only lasts a few hours on my skin.

We love our products and believe we are making a difference in what we are doing. Welcome to Mother Bee

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