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Today is 21st of February, normally we are starting to see a stretch in daylight hours, spring weather is getting more frequent and we are all looking forward to better weather.  As horse owners we are hoping for a dry year and a good summer, and thinking of the season ahead.  This year however we’ve been informed of the beast from the east that’s due in at the end of the week.

Even from 2 days ago it’s turned dramatically colder.  Bringing with it the possibility of prolonged frosts and snow.  The frost actually helps tighten muddy ground up, we can live with that, but the aftermath of extra water after snow thaws is hard to look forward to after what has already been a long hard winter.  For those of you with horses suffering from recurring Mud Fever, I thought I’d take the time to explain some of the misunderstandings around this common skin condition.

What is Mud Fever?

Mud fever is a bacterial skin infection, it often causes scabs or lesions on the skin of the legs on a horse.  It’s a painful condition and may cause swelling to the legs.

What causes Mud Fever?

It is caused by a moisture imbalance on the skin which provides a breeding ground for the bacteria.  The skin already has bacteria on it naturally, we all do.

If you are struggling to deal with a case of Mud Fever take a look at your Mud Relief product – and you can also check out a customer testimonial.

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